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Rodney Mark Jones

I'm a consultant working as a Network Engineer for the the Internal Revenue Service in New Carrollton, Maryland. In my spare time I enjoy learning about other cultures and languages, homebrewing, cooking, swimming, bowling, fishing, reading and listening to music. I work out at the National Capital YMCA and I'm thinking about joining a local curling club.  I'm also a fan of Star Trek, Sailor Moon and James Bond. I love to travel and I am very fond of southern Italy and the Caribbean, especially the US Virgin Islands. I hope to make a trip to Costa Rica in 1998. I sometimes spend my freetime playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international organization of hobbists who study and recreate the European Middle Ages and early Rennaisance. These intrerests keep me pretty busy.

But my biggest passion of all is the international Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. I'll be going to Sydney and Salt Lake City but, unfortunately, I probably will not get to the Nagano games.

The host city for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad (2004 Summer Games) will be announced at the 106th International Olympic Committee Session in Lausanne, Switzerland on 5 September 1997. The 2004 host city finalists are:

I support Buenos Aires. After reviewing the information available, I feel confident that Buenos Aires will give us the best games in 2004. Several members of the organizing committee have previous experience with the Pan American Games and the city has a well defined Olympic Corridor with international-class competition facilities already in place. But I'll be happy no matter who wins; any one of the finalists would be a great site for the games. Rome appears to be the odds-on favorite. Though, from what I've heard at the International Amateur Athletic Federation's Sixth World Championships in Athens, it seems that both Cape Town and Stockholm have a lot of support among the track and field athletes. Stockholm currently has over 50 athletes who have signed up on its unique International Athletes' Council. Athens is a sentimental favorite which has been trying very hard to put together a winning bid for the Summer Games for a number of years. Each of the finalists has problems to overcome in order to put on a successful Olympics. You can view the report of the IOC's Evaluation Committee for each of the finalists at the Stockholm web site.

Of course, coming to a decision on which bids to support often involves a number a trade-offs. I support the United States Olympic Committee but I am torn between supporting a bid for the 2012 Summer Games in Warsaw being organized by Wojciech Zablocki or the bid being organized by John Moag for Baltimore. I feel Warsaw deserves an Olympics and the bid being organized for 2012 is outstanding. But I was born in Baltimore and I feel very strongly that Baltimore has a lot to offer as a host city. I'm still not sure which bid I will settle on so for now I'm supporting both bids.

Here's a list of bids I support for future games:

I also support the following national governing bodies: Look for my Winter Olympic Games page on 1 September 1997.

Keep up with the lastest events in the Olympic movement at Nando.
Be sure to check out the Olympic Games Primer from the Amateur Athletics Foundation of Los Angeles.
More Olympic news is available through the weekly highlights section of the IOC's web site.

days until the announcement of the host city for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad.



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